Spring Snack: Flower Sandwich

Spring Snack: Flower Sandwich #littlenummies #funfood

It’s Springtime!  Which brings blooming trees, lovely flowers, bees, and also the ever delightful film of yellow pollen everywhere, and in some states, you need a leaf blower and a hazmat suit, if you have allergies, to clean it all up.  It’s ridiculous.  Even though I have really bad allergies, I can still appreciate the […]

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Healthy Snack: Tree Swing

Healthy Snack: Tree Swing #funfood

It’s the first day of Spring, which means spring showers, allergies, and outdoor activities. We have a paved greenway behind our neighborhood, which we frequent either riding bikes, or walking. On one of our walks, we happened upon a side trail that had a secret rope swing hanging from a gigantic old tree. It swings […]

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Kitchen Confessions: Marriage 101

Marriage 101: Love Notebook

Maintaining a healthy marriage is a lot of work. No one is perfect, including yourself. The only person you can change is YOU. When there are two imperfect people trying to make a marriage work, it’s only natural to be frustrated with your spouse at times. There will be days when you would rather punch your hubby […]

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Jimmy Dean: Sausage Spinach Ricotta Quiche

Jimmy Dean Crumbles: Sausage Spinach Ricotta Quiche #JDCrumbles

Jimmy Dean has fully cooked crumbles that are super convenient to use in your everyday recipes. They asked me to come up with a recipe using Jimmy Dean crumbles and even paid for the groceries!!  So, of course I jumped on it!!  Quiche is my hubby’s favorite meal and while I usually make broccoli bacon […]

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cozy winter dinner: chili cheese penguin

cozy winter dinner: chili penguin #littlenummies

A winter storm is on it’s way, and for the first time, I’m actually prepared!  Let the hibernating commence.  Whilst we wait for the snow to arrive in a few hrs, here’s a fun, cozy, hear-warming, comfort food perfect for cold snowy days! Chili Cheese Penguin Naawwwww…hims so cute!!! ~~~ What you Need: chili Cheese […]

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Chinese New Year 2014: Horse Snacks

Horse Snacks for Chinese New Year

Today marks the Chinese New Year for 2014, which means we are now ushering in the year of the Horse! The Chinese have a 12-year-cycle of animals that make up the Chinese zodiac, which interact with the five elements: wood, metal, fire, water, and earth. I’m not into astrology, and zodiacs, but it’s always  fun to celebrate […]

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Cozy Kids Dinner: Chili Cheese Kitty

Cozy Dinner: Chili Cheese Kitty

The Polar Vortex is bringing some snow today, which I am super excited about!!  Since I’m antsy waiting for my girls to get home from school, so we can snuggle in for a snow day, I decided I should be productive and whip up a fun new cozy dinner!! Chili Cheese Kitty So adorably cozy […]

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response to an open letter about kid lunches

open letter to my kids about their lunches

I recently got a pingback from a link in a blog post on Suburban Turmoil called: An Open Letter To My Kids About Their Lunches.  Even though the author, Lindsay, is in fact, ridiculing crafty lunches, I found it on point and hilariously written. As shocking as it might seem, I completely agree with most […]

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Fun Winter Recipe: Chili Cheese Snowman

chili cheese snowman #funfood

Let the winter festivities begin!!  Snowmen, ice-skating, hot cocoa, warm fires, and of course, warm hearty meals that will fill you up and warm your heart and soul.  Chili is a staple in my home during these cold months.  We have chili with corn chips and cheese the first night and then use whatever is […]

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fun kids lunch: cozy winter sandwich

kids lunch: cozy winter sandwich

This winter has brought some of you unbelievable snowfall, fallen temps, and has actually broken a record, here in Charlotte, NC, for the coldest morning in 130 years!  Yes, 130!!  Crazy!  Since most of us, sans Florida, are enduring below freezing temps, I thought a bundled up, cozy snack was in order!! cozy winter sandwich […]

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Family Fun Magazine: Bagel Buddy

Family Fun Recipe: Bagel Buddy

I remember years ago when I started Little Nummies, I would look at the treats and snacks in different magazines and say: “I can make that.  I should submit something I’ve made.”  Well, I can honestly tell you, I’ve NEVER submitted my work to anyone, they’ve all approached me for various opportunities.  And this is […]

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Nestle Simply Celebrate Sweepstakes

Nestle Simply Celebrate Sweepstakes

   For more info, click on the pic or go to: Nestle Simply Celebrate.

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Kids Christmas Breakfast: Reindeer Bagel

reindeer bagel #christmasfood #kidfood #littlenummies

Tis the Christmas season, where kids are overly excited about a visit from Santa, elves are showing up on your shelves doing silly things, and reindeer crafts are coming home from school. This crafty reindeer will bring joy to the most important meal, or snack, of the day. Both of the cream cheeses used for […]

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christmas kids lunch: jingle bell reindeer sandwich

Christmas Kids Lunch: Jingle Bell Reindeer Sandwich

Silver bells ring-a-ling, sleigh bells tingling, and jingle bells jingle all the way. Oh yes, the sounds of the holiday season, when nine soaring reindeer dress in their best, pull a sleigh through the winter’s night sky and Christmas comes to town! To join in the holiday festivities, here’s a fun, festive reindeer lunch, all decked out with […]

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Christmas Theme on a Budget: Paper Christmas Trees

Christmas Theme on a Budget: Paper Christmas Trees

Trying to create a winter wonderland, on a budget, for my new Christmas theme, brought me to the infamous Dollar Store.  I adore the Dollar Store.  Seriously. As I was browsing for inspiration, I saw these wonderful plastic megaphones in the toy section. Hello, shape of a christmas tree! I purchased a few, and then […]

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