Fun Kids Lunch: Caterpillar Sandwich

These little guys are a little time consuming, but totally fun!!




Make any kind of sandwich. Use a sterilized vitamin bottle (or tiny circle cookie cutter) and cut one piece out of each corner of the sandwich and then cut one out of the middle to make 5 pieces.  Take 4 pieces of the sandwich and stick a pretzel stick into the back.  Cut 2 olives in half.  Place each half on each of the pretzel sticks already in the sandwich.  Now put all the pieces together with the 5th piece on the end. You may need to break a little bit off each stick to make the pieces fit more closely together. Break a pretzel stick in half for the antenna.  Cut a raisin in half and use the sticky inside to adhere them to the sandwich to make the eyes.  Use an olive slice or cut it in half for the mouth.  Take 4 pretzel sticks and slide them under the olive sections for the legs.  This little guy just might crawl off the plate to find a great place for his cacoon!!


~ Bon Ap[petite] ~

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