Fun Lunch Creations



Here is a creation my 5 yr old made.

A cut out peanut butter sandwich with pretzel stick arms and legs, Cheetos for a mouth and hair, and M&M’s for the nose and eyes.



Start with a cookie cuttered sandwich.  Use pretzel sticks for the legs and slices of hotdog for the feet.  Break a pretzel stick in half for the eyes and adhere raisins on them.  Break a smaller piece for the tail.  Break another pretzel stick in half and insert into a Cheeto and press the other end of the pretzel into the sandwich for the mouth (or dog bone). Not sure if he qualifies for a dog or not, but he is a cute little guy!!



Use a vitamin bottle to cut out 4 pieces of a sandwich.  Stack 2 pieces on top of each other. Insert a pretzel stick all the way through both sandwiches.  Use the piece sticking out of the sandwiches to hold the “head” piece in place.  Use smaller pieces of Pretzel sticks for the antenna and arms.  Take a pretzel stick and push it all the way through a miniature marshmallow to make an eye.  Repeat. Add a raisin on top of the antenna.  You are now finished with the “Alien.”

The animal (aka: Piggie) is just one piece of sandwich and small pieces of pretzels for the legs, ears and tail.  Insert a small pretzel stick into a miniature marshmallow (not all the way through) and put the remainder end into the sandwich for the nose.  Cut a raisin in half for the eyes.  Arrange them on a plate and you are finished!!


~ Bon Ap[petite] ~

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