Fun Kids Lunch: Jeep Thing

Jeep…There’s Only One.

Well, this one is definitely one of a kind!!



Use a small circle cookie cutter (or vitamin bottle) to cut out 5 pieces of a sandwich.  Take Pretzel sticks and insert them between two of the pieces (looks like dumbbells) to create wheels. Take a whole graham cracker and set it on top of the wheels. Break another graham cracker into 4 pieces and put them together to make a box.  Use peanut butter to “glue” them together and then to “glue” it to the top of the whole graham cracker.  Break another quarter of a graham cracker to fit in the middle of the box.  Use pretzel sticks with marshmallows on top to create people.  I used a dab of peanut butter on the bottom fo the pretzel stick to keep them in place. Cut up some celery and carrots (use whatever you want) and stick them in the backseat.  Use the fifth cut out piece of sandwich for the spare tire on the back.  Cut 3 raisins in half and use the sticky side to create wheel accents. Ready to go!!

I am sure that this is the most gas effecient vehicle out there!!!

 I’ll take 2 please!!! 🙂


~ Bon Ap[petite] ~

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