Simple Kids Lunch: Puppy Face

If you make that face, it will stay that way…

How many times have you heard that one?!?  Well, here is a fantastic face that your kids can make and I promise it won’t stay that way!!



Make any kind of sandwich you want.  Use a heart shaped cookie cutter and cut a heart shape out of the sandwich.  Take the heart and turn it upside down on the plate, as shown, for the snout and use half of a black olive for the nose.  Use 2 slices of a carrot for the base of the eyes.  Put slices of string cheese (or a dab of cream cheese) on top of the carrots. Then put a quarter of a black olive on top of the cheese to complete the eyes.  Slice celery into strips for the whiskers and find some chips for his ears.  Use a red goldfish for the tongue. You are finished!!  How cute is that?!?


~ Bon Ap[petite] ~

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