Halloween Food: Jack O Lantern Sandwich

Halloween brings out the carved pumpkins and gleaming Jack O lanterns on porches everywhere.

This cute sandwich will delight your kids when they open their lunchboxes!!

No scooping this pumpkin out!!


Jack O’Lantern

Halloween Lunch: Jack-O-Lantern Sandwich

~ Bread ~ Peanut Butter ~ Honey ~

Cut a Jack O’Lantern face out of a slice of bread.  I used a simple knife to cut out the shapes. Spread whatever you want on another slice of bread.  I used Peanut Butter and Honey.  Seemed irredescant and to sort of glow.  Use what your child will eat though!!  Next, stack the cut out piece of bread on top.
How easy is that?!?


~ Bon Ap[petite] ~

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  • At 2008.10.21 18:06, Summer said:

    I like this and it is Luchen’s favorite sandwich…..I will have to try the jack o lantern face to surprise him in his school lunch

    • At 2008.10.21 18:13, littlenummies said:

      Yep, D doesn’t ever know what she is going to get in her lunch!!! I gave her this a couple of days ago! She said the other kids loved it!! She says that the other kids are excited to see what she is going to bring!! It’s fun to surprise her (and them)!! =)

      ~ Kellie ~

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