Kids Halloween Lunch: Black Cat Sandwich

Nothing like a black cat for Halloween!!


Black Cat

Take a pizza cutter to a slice of bread.  I used a piece of 12 grain bread which is bigger than a regular slice of bread, but I am sure it would work with any piece of bread.  Diagram as follows.  Just get the pieces, it may be different with your piece of bread.

Here are the pieces you should have:

( Round out the edges so they fit flesh with the curves of the head & body )

Put the pieces together like so:

Next smear peanut butter (or whatever you want to use) on all the pices then use chocolate sprinkles on top to give it color.  Cut a miniature marshmallow in half and stick a miniature choc chip (pointy side in) into the sticky side of the marshmallow for the eyes.



~ Bon Ap[petite] ~

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