Halloween Food: Tortilla Wrapped Hotdog Mummies

Mummies are a favorite around Halloween.  Most hotdog mummies are wrapped with crescent dough, but these are wrapped with tortillas and sprinkled with cheese.  Almost like a quesadilla wrapped hotdog!!

Kids are going to love this simple yet fun recipe!!


Hotdog Mummies

These guys are popular and usually seen with using strips of Pillsbury dough.  I didn’t have any Pillsbury dough at the moment, so I just used a large tortilla and cut it into strips.  I wrapped them around the hotdogs leaving room for a “face” and then sprinkled cheese on top for added goodness!!  Put them on a cookie sheet and into the oven at 350 degrees for about 10 min, or until all the cheese is melted and the tortilla is a little bit crispy. You can use dots of mustard or ketchup for the eyes.  I used little pieces of raisin.  Serve with “blood” (ketchup) on the side.

Definately mummified!!

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~ Bon Ap[petite] ~

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