Fun Kid Lunch: Silly Face Lunch

These silly faces could really make a huge impact on your little one’s appetite for eating those healthy foodies that may be a struggle for them to eat.


Silly Faces


There is definately room for creativity here!!!  The ingredients used are Carrot, Apple, peanut butter, 2 small pieces of sandwich, and olives.  Use a sterilized vitamin bottle (or small circle cookie cutter) to cut at least 2 pieces out of a sandwich (any kind).  Put them on the plate as the base of the eyes and then stack a slice of carrot and half an olive on top of that. Get several slices of olives and cut them in half and place them around the sandwich to outline the eyes. Smear peanut butter on 2 wedges of an apple (with skin on) and place them together for the mouth.  Take another apple wedge, peel it, and then cut it into triangles and push them into the peanut buttered wedge to make teeth.  Cut a “V” shape out of a slice of carrot and use it for the nose.   Cut the “V” in half and place the pieces under the mouth for a goatee (facial hair) or dimple in his chin. Cut and peel another apple wedge and cut it into chunks to create funky eyebrows.  He is scary and silly all at the same time!!


~ Bon Ap[petite] ~

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