Fun Kid Food: Tall Giraffe Sandwich

You might need a looong container to send this guy to school!

If you’re at home, serve him on a tray (or just a piece of construction paper, like I did)!


Tall Giraffe Sandwich

~ Sandwich ~ Cheerios ~ Pretzel Stick ~ Raisin ~

Cut the leg part off of the bread (as shown below). Set legs aside.
Make a sandwich with the remaining large piece of bread.

Cut the rest of the sandwich up as diagrammed. Turn body piece sideways,
with crust facing downward, and arrange the rest of the pieces as shown.

The antler (is that what it is?) is a pretzel stick with a cheerio on the end,
and is stuck between the two pieces of bread.

Decorate with cheerios and a raisin for the eye (or whatever else you can think of!)

Okay, he kinda looks like a llama, too! 🙂


~ Bon Ap[petite] ~

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