Kids Lunch: Mr. Hoot Sandwich

Owls are a pretty big deal around here.
My girls love them.
So, in honor of their obsession, here’s a simple fun owl sandwich.


Mr. Hoot

Make any sandwich you would like and then cut the sides off as shown.  Take the pieces and flip them backwards to make them fit as shown.  Cut a large marshmallow in half for the base of the eyes.  Cut a raisin in half for the eyes, and another raisin for the beak.  Isn’t he a HOOT?!?


~ Bon Ap[petite] ~

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  • At 2008.10.18 06:39, katy said:

    super cute. i’m stealing the skeleton cream cheese idea. my daughter will flip for this.

    Linked to you in my Saturday post 🙂


    • At 2008.10.20 20:34, amie said:

      Just too cute! I will have to try this one with my 4 year old for lunch tomorrow!

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