Thanksgiving Turkey Sandwich: Gobble Gobble

It’s TURKEY time!!


Tom Turkey

~ Bread ~ Peanut Butter ~ Embellishments ~ Pretzel Sticks ~

Spread peanut butter or anything sticky on 2 pieces of bread.  Cut one piece into 5 pieces (as shown) for the feathers. Set the other piece of bread on top of the feathers as shown. Use whatever you would like to decorate each of the feathers.  I used swirled choc caramel chips, broken pretzels, raisins, cheerios, and mini choc chips.  Use 2 choc chips for the eyes and a piece of cracker, chip, candy corn, or whatever you have for the beak.  I stretched out a red gummy for the wattle/snood and used broken pretzel sticks for his feet.

Your kids will GOBBLE him up!!!

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~ Bon Ap[petite] ~


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