Kids Lunch: Penguin Sandwich

Waddle. Waddle.

It’s winter and the cute and cuddly penguins come to mind.
I think they are fascinating as well as adorable.
Your kids will think the same of this sweet penguin sandwich!!


Winter Penguin

~ Bread ~ Apple Butter ~ Marshmallows ~ Choc Chips ~ Crackers ~

Cut a penguin shape out of a piece of bread and spread apple butter, or anything dark on him. Using a vitamin bottle, cut a small hole out of the penguin to make room for the marshmallow tummy. I used small marshmallows and mini choc chips for the eyes. I cut the hat out of the cut out piece from the tummy.  Apply it to a piece of marshmallow with peanut butter and half of a mini marshmallow for the top.  Goldfish crackers for the nose and feet.  Sliced marshmallow for the snow.

Isn’t he just adorable?


~ Bon Ap[petite] ~

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  • At 2008.12.18 16:23, Stacy said:

    I love this one! Just found your site today and immediately added it to my feeds. Would you mind if I posted this idea on my site with a link and credit back to you?


    • At 2008.12.19 06:57, Kellie said:

      Absolutely!! I would love that. Thanks for stopping by and for the comment!!

      ~ Kellie ~

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