Funny Kids Lunch: Snaggle Tooth Sandwich

I don’t know what this guy is.  Just some random bloke who needs a dentist.
My friend thought he looked like a dog, but he is whatever you want him to be!!


Snaggle Tooth

~ Sandwich ~ Olive ~ Marshmallow ~ Goldfish ~ Choc Chips ~

Cut the bottom corners off of a sandwich and turn the pieces up as shown in the pic.  Cut a marshmallow in half and in half again for the base of the eyes.  Mini choc chips for the eyes and half of an olive for his nose.  Stick goldfish between the slices of bread for his teeth.

Not sure if he has a dental plan, but he should look into it!!


~ Bon Ap[petite] ~

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  • At 2008.11.06 11:36, heather said:

    Ha ha, I love that you called him a ‘bloke!’ He looks bear-like to me.

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