Christmas Breakfast: Santa Pancake

Christmas up your Saturday morning pancakes with this Jolly Old Saint Nick Pancake!

Santa Pancake

~ Pancakes ~ Marshmallows ~ Mini M&Ms ~
~ Craisin ~ Cream Cheese ~ Jam ~

Make pancakes, then use one as face. Cut hat out of another pancake.

Cut a mini marshmallow in half for whites of eyes, and lay on pancake sticky side up. Affix the marshmallows to the pancake with a dab of syrup. Put brown mini M&Ms on marshmallows for pupils. Dab syrup and place red M&M for nose.

Cut mini marshmallow almost in half and spread out for mustache. Place craisin on pancake for lip, and put mustache over craisin.

Spread cream cheese around face for beard base. Place marshmallows on top of cream cheese (I tried this without the cream cheese, but it seemed like WAY too many marshmallows! Sugar overload!)

Spread jam on hat and place a row of marshmallows for brim of hat and pom-pom of hat.


~ Bon Ap[petite] ~

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