Christmas Kid Food: The Reason for the Season

“For unto us a child is born.”
Isaiah 9:6


Baby Jesus in a Manger

~ Hotdog ~ Cheese ~ Crescent Dough ~ Graham Cracker ~

Cut a hot dog in half and wrap strips of  crescent dough around it to create a baby blanket.  Bake as directed.  Break a gaham cracker in half for the manger. Use 2 pieces of another graham cracker for the base.  I used peanut butter to hold the graham crackers in place.  Shredded cheese for the hay. Place baby on top of manger when it’s cooled.


{ My intent is to help illistrate the story of Christmas, not to offend. } 


~ Bon Ap[petite] ~

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  • At 2008.12.22 19:43, Melissa said:

    That is SO cute! I think kids will LOVE it!

    • At 2008.12.23 07:28, Kellie said:

      my girls loved it!!

    • At 2008.12.23 00:05, Peach @ Shouldabeenabelle said:

      THAT is adorable. You are so outrageously creative!!

      • At 2008.12.23 07:28, Kellie said:

        Awe. Thanks. Some days I am creative, most I am totally blocked!! 🙂

      • […] Little Nummies made a Baby Jesus Snack for her Happy Buddy by wrapping a small hot dog in a crescent roll and placing it in a graham cracker manger with some cheese hay. […]

        • At 2011.12.05 15:06, Deana said:

          LOVE THIS!!! (linked from pinterest)

          • At 2011.12.06 07:44, Kristin said:

            This is adorable and wonderful that it goes with the true meaning of Christmas and not full of sugar. Thanks soooo much for sharing.

            • At 2012.11.29 07:26, June said:

              Wow! That is SERIOUSLY creative! Thanks for the idea! Can’t wait to do this for my kiddos!

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