Alphabet Snack: “P” is for Pangolin

This armored animal is the cousin of an anteater.


~ Tortilla ~ Peanut Butter ~ Frosted Flakes Cereal ~ Raisin ~



I have been learning so much on our alphabetical journey through unusual animals. I have never heard of a pangolin before this. Isn’t he cool? His armor is so neat!


Cut a pangolin shape out of a tortilla with scissors. Spread the tortilla with peanut butter (not too thin or the spikes won’t stick!) and add a raisin eye. Stick the frosted flakes (or other flaky cereal) into the peanut butter starting from the tail and moving up the animal, overlapping on each row.


  • Pangolins roll up into a ball when attacked.
  • “Pangolin” is a Malaysian word for “rolling up into a ball.”
  • The scales are made of keratin, the same material your fingernails are made of!
  • They can spray a stinky smell, kind of like a skunk.
  • They don’t have teeth, but use their claws to tear up their prey (ants or termites) and eat them with a long tongue.

Baby pangolins’ scales are still soft when they are born.

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  • At 2009.01.26 07:54, Kellie said:

    He is so neat!! you did a great job Heather!! I have been learning SO much too!!!

    • At 2009.01.26 09:36, Dhana Cohen said:

      Your ideas are so innovative, I have the worse eating kids, but they are too old for adorable shapes!!, Kudos to you for your ingenuity!! Keep up the great work.

      • At 2009.01.26 10:52, Heather said:

        Thanks, Kellie!

        Thanks, Dhana! Maybe a different style of presentation would be better, then… more like a fancy restaurant or something?

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