Kids Crafty Snack: Rock-N-Roll Bunny

As Easter approaches, we will be creating fun Nummies using boiled eggs.
{{ Since you will have a ton from Easter Egg Hunts!! }}

First up is this fun rocker bunny made from a boiled egg!!
A snack your kids will surely devour!!!


~ Boiled Egg ~ Carrot ~ Olive ~ Spaghetti ~


To make Rock-N-Roll Bunny:
Cut a baby carrot in half and cut slits in the end to make the toes. Take a boiled egg and cut the bottom off to make it flat.  Use a piece of dried spaghtetti to stick the egg to the carrot.  Cut the bottom piece in half for the ears.  Use pieces of dried spaghetti to stick the ears onto the bunny’s head.  Use quartered olives for the eyes and nose and pieces of spaghetti for the whiskers.

This bunny is ready to ROCK!!!


~ Bon Ap[petite] ~

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