It’s what we strive for here at Little Nummies.

I was tired of searching through all the “fun food” and then realizing I would have to go to the grocery store just to make it.  I want to show the world that anyone can make fun food with the ingredients you already have in your kitchen!  We try to make Nummies that are simpleeasy to make, and have basic ingredients, so that everyone will look at it and say, “Oh, I can do that!!”

We feature a lot of wonderful “Nummies” that are amazingly creative and can be extremely time consuming, but they serve the purpose of giving you great ideas and to showcase someone else’s talent.

We don’t want to lose sight of our purpose and although our Nummies sometimes may appear too simple compared to the ones we feature, we pride ourselves on the fact that anyone can make Little Nummies!!

We want people to feel inspired by our simplicity and to get in the kitchen and start playing with their food!!

Just wanted you to know!!


~ Bon Ap[petite] ~

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