Kids Nursery Rhyme: Itsy Bitsy Spider

My 5yo daughter drew this picture:

{ She told me it was “The ipsy dipsy spider.” }

I loved it SO much, I made it into a Nummie!!

She is so stinkin creative!!


~ Broccoli ~ Marshmallows ~ Olives ~ Hotdog ~ Cheese ~ Seeds ~

Fresh broccoli for the grass and olive pieces for the spider.  I used tiny dots of mayo for the eyes.  The “water spout” is a whole hotdog.  Mini marshmallows for the clouds and sunflower seeds for the rain. Cut out cheese for the sun with olive pieces for the eyes and mouth.


Point to each piece as you sing the song!!

The itsy bitsy spider:

Went up the water spout:

Down came the rain:

And washed the spider out:

Out came the sun:

And dried up all the rain:

And the itsy bitsy spider went up the spout again!!

{ A big THANK YOU to my daughter who gave me the inspiration!! }


~ Bon Ap[petite] ~

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  • At 2009.05.08 09:11, Z&GMom said:

    LOVE LOVE LOVE IT!!! What a great idea! I hope you keep all of these nummies that match their pics in a scrapbook! =)

    • At 2009.05.08 09:52, Kellie said:

      well, both of the pics are in the same iphoto event folder…does that count?? 🙂

    • At 2009.05.08 10:28, Heather - Dollar Store Crafts said:

      That is sooooo cute! Love it!

      • At 2009.05.11 05:44, Multi-Tasking Mommy said:

        OMG, that has got to be the sweetest looking little lunch I’ve ever seen! LOVE the marshmallow clouds and sunflower seeds!!!

        • At 2009.05.12 17:38, Kellie said:

          Thanks for the sweet comment!! I think I am going to do a nursery rhyme week or something. It’s amazing when your child helps inspire you!!!

        • At 2009.05.13 05:59, Melissa said:

          I LOVE this one! So cute! I’ll have to do this one for my kids real soon!

          • At 2009.05.14 20:08, Leslie said:

            Such a cute idea, my almost 3 yr old loves the Itsy Bitsy Spider.

            • At 2011.10.05 22:52, Itzy Bitzy Favorites « Home said:

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