Halloween Food: Boiled Egg Eyeballs

Halloween is right around the corner!
Time to bring out the spooky, creepy, and scary Nummies!!
Monstrous Eyeballs on the menu!!!


~ Boiled Eggs ~ Beet Juice ~ Black Beans ~

Mmmmmm.  Yummy.


Items Needed:

Boil your eggs, peel and cool.  Cut a tiny hole into one side and press a black bean into it for the pupil.  {You can also use olives or whatever you have on hand.}  Take a sharp knife and cut a zig-zag pattern or any pattern you would like for the red lines. I used a child’s medicine syringe for the beet juice. {Looks like blood though!! Girl’s were apprehensive when they saw the juice filled syringe!!} You could also use red food coloring.  Next carefully apply the beet juice into the tiny cracks.  I blotted the excess juice on the egg with a napkin after every completed zig-zag.

I propped the eyes up in glass tea light holders.  I have never used those glass tea light holders for their actual purpose!!  I got a pack of 12 at Ikea for like $2.  Cheap and so handy!!

I am loving coming up with creepy spooky Halloween Nummies!!

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~ Bon Ap[petite] ~

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  • At 2009.09.25 23:13, Jenny Hesser said:

    cute, cute!! I have to make snacks for Erica’s preschool class… I’m liking these egg eyes! Was also thinking about making dirt and worm cupcakes… cupcakes with crushed up oreos and gummy worms on top. 🙂 Just wanted something different than crackers for her class snack… thanks for all the ideas!

    • At 2009.09.26 09:00, Kellie said:

      What fun!! I know that we aren’t allowed to bring any homemade food to my girl’s school. Allergies or something. We have to bring store bought food with the ingredient label on it. Might want to check on that before you take your time and make all those cupcakes. However, if you do make those fun cupcakes…take a pic and email it to me!!! I would LOVE to feature it on Little Nummies!!!

      Thanks for the comment Jenny!!

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