Kids Snack: Apple Monsters on a Stick

After school snacks just got a little bit more fun!!


~ Apple ~ Marshmallows ~ Raisins ~ Choc Chips ~
~ Cheese ~ Cherry Tomato ~ Grapes ~ Pretzel Stick ~

Huge hit with the kidos!!!


To make this one eyed monster:

Stuff a raisin into a regular marshmallow and then stick a skewer through it for the eye. Cut triangles into slices of apple for the mouth. The tongue is a slice of grape.  Skewer one slice of apple next, then the grape, and lastly the other slice of apple.  Stick the skewer into half of an apple to make it stand up.

To make this snake-eyed monster:

Cut a raisin in half and stick the halves into a reg marshmallow.  Skewer the marshmallow.  Use two apple slices with peanut butter and choc chips on them for the mouth. Skewer both of the apples. {I have a mini marshmallow in between the apple slices to make it look like he was chewing on an eyeball. Didn’t really work, but it’s shown in the pic.}  I used 3 mini marshmallows on the bottom of the skewer so the apple slices wouldn’t fall off. They were heavy due to the choc chips. After you have everything skewered, cut a grape almost completely in half for the eyes. Fold them back and smear peanut butter into the crease and wrap it around the skewer for the eyes. Stick the skewer into half of an apple to make it stand up.

To make this wide eyed, forked tongue monster:

Cut some cheese into eyebrows and skewer.  Cut a marshmallow almost completely in half and bend back. Smear peanut butter into the crease and wrap around the skewer. Stick choc chips into the marshmallow for the eyes.  A cherry tomato on the skewer makes the cute nose.  Use apple slices and cut teeth into the peel for the mouth. Skewer one apple slice.  Cut some cheese into the shape of a forked tongue and skewer.  Skewer the next apple slice and then stick into a half of an apple to make it stand up.



~ Bon Ap[petite] ~

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  • At 2009.09.15 16:34, Heather - Dollar Store Crafts said:

    Those are so cute, and healthy too!! Yay!

    • At 2009.09.15 19:04, Kellie said:

      Thanks Heather!!

    • At 2009.09.15 17:25, Multi-Tasking Mommy said:

      Those are too cute, but I don’t think I’d have the time/patience to make them!

      • At 2009.09.15 19:05, Kellie said:

        Thanks!! They were actually super easy to make. you should try it…you may be surprised!!

      • At 2009.09.15 18:18, Karen - lillybelle Custom Designs said:

        These are just too cute! Do you think my 14-year old will like them????

        • At 2009.09.15 19:06, Kellie said:

          absolutely!!! Maybe set out a bunch of stuff and have your 14 yo make his/her own!! Please send me a pic!!! I would LOVE that!!!!

        • At 2009.09.15 18:50, D'Art said:

          THESE ARE GREAT!! My favorite nummies yet. So clever. And they look super easy to make. Way to Go, and welcome back.

          • At 2009.09.15 19:07, Kellie said:

            thanks…but you are bias!!! …and it’s good to be back. Been WAY too long!!!

          • At 2009.09.17 11:50, sara's art house said:

            These are adorable!!!!

            • At 2009.09.19 17:22, Rachel said:

              These are so much fun! I love the mouths! I’ll be linking.

              • At 2009.09.20 10:22, Kellie said:

                Thanks Sara and Rachel!!

                • At 2009.09.24 07:23, Katherine Marie said:

                  absolutely love these… cutest edible monster ever!

                  • At 2009.09.27 11:29, Tami said:

                    So cute!!!

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                      • At 2009.09.27 22:34, Little Miss Cupcake said:

                        Adorable! What a great way to get those finnicky eaters to eat something good for them.

                        • At 2009.09.28 03:57, Kellie said:

                          Thanks everyone!!! I will be posting more things on a stick. Some more monsters too!! They are super fun to make!!! The possibilities are endless!!

                          • At 2009.10.08 13:44, Healthy Halloween Treats | Craft Jr. said:

                            [...] Monsters on a Stick [...]

                            • At 2009.10.08 14:56, Amanda said:

                              I’v made a lot of Halloween treats in my day but I think these are the cutest I have ever seen!

                              • At 2009.10.09 14:09, Kellie said:

                                Thanks Amanda!!!

                              • At 2009.10.13 10:40, Grandma Lizzie said:

                                This is a darling idea. I’m going to make these with my grandkids and put it on my website. Thanks

                                • At 2009.10.31 19:44, Deanna said:

                                  I’ve seen a lot of homemade Halloween treats and these, by far, are my favorite! Very clever and great year-round – thanks, Kellie!

                                  • At 2010.01.12 21:31, Xtreme Grace said:

                                    [...] not a bento, but what kid could resist “Monsters on a Stick” from Kellie at Little Nummies? I’m thinking you could use all sorts of tasty veggies, fruits, and pretzels to make some fun [...]

                                    • At 2010.02.26 13:15, Jessie as June said:

                                      LOVE this project! I expanded on this in my blog and refer to yours this Sunday 2-28-10 at but mine were not even close to yours! LOVE your ideas and your blog. Great stuff!!!!

                                      • At 2010.03.08 06:58, Kellie said:

                                        thanks everyone!! sorry i’m so slow to get back to all of you!!! love your comments!!!

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