Halloween Snack: Spooky Popcorn Hand

The best thing about this spooky Halloween treat is that it’s super healthy, yet super fun!


~ Popcorn ~ Candy Corn ~ Kitchen Glove ~ Plastic Halloween Ring ~

“Hand” these out on Halloween night, or just put them in your child’s lunch for a spooky snack surprise!



Be sure to use food-safe gloves especially for kitchen prep (you want to make sure they’re approved to touch food!) You can buy a package of disposable kitchen prep gloves at your local restaurant supply store or Cash & Carry. I found them online: a 100 pack for less than a dollar.

You should be able to find Halloween rings at your local party or dollar store. Or, online at Oriental Trading Company.


Since there are only five candy corns in the hand, this snack is super-healthy, especially if you use air-popped popcorn.

To Make:

Put a candy corn in each fingertip. Fill fingers up with popcorn, and slip a ring on the ring finger. Fill remaining hand up with popcorn and tie with twisty tie, rubber band, or ribbon. If you have trouble fitting the ring over the popcorn, cut the back of the ring open, and it will slip right on.


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~ Bon Ap[petite] ~

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  • At 2009.09.25 10:26, summer said:

    yes and I enjoyed the fingertip coming out of the sleeve…..it only added to the picture….:) my kids would like these

    • At 2009.09.25 10:52, Kellie said:

      lol. heather did these. I’m not sure if the thumb was there on purpose or not!! Yes, I think ALL kidos would like this!! Super easy and fun for them to do on their own!! Thanks for the comment Summer!!

      ~ Kellie ~

    • At 2009.09.30 07:34, Stephanie said:

      Cute! I think I’m going to try these for a halloween party favor.

      • At 2009.09.30 08:01, Kellie said:

        I think they would make a fantastic party favor!!!

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        • At 2011.10.30 17:34, Angela said:

          That was fun! My 8yo helped and loved it, and is making up recipes for fat santa hands! My 4yo filled hers with grapes, which looked like a pretty unsightly rash!

          • At 2011.11.01 10:38, Kellie said:

            How fun!! I would love to see a pic of your fat santa hands when you get them finished!! Email them to me: littlenummies@gmail.com

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