Thanksgiving Breakfast: Banana Gobble Pancakes

I just LOVE this time of year!!
Tis the season for all things turkey!!

Not sure about your family, but mine loves banana pancakes!!
Thought I would have some fun and turn ordinary banana pancakes into a fun Thanksgiving turkey!!


~ Banana Pancakes ~ Banana ~ Choc Chips ~ Almond Slice ~


Click below for more info:
To make Banana Pancakes, just mash a banana and add to your regular pancake batter.  Make a small round pancake for the body.  Pour the batter slowly into hot pan in the shape of the turkey’s neck and head.  Place head on top of body.  Cut a banana in half and then slice it lengthwise. Arrange slices on plate for the feathers.  Chocolate chips for the eyes and a slice of almond for the beak.

{{ You can use a craisin for a waddle if you want. }}

Time to gobble him up!!!


~ Bon Ap[petite] ~

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