Little Nummies Disclaimer

I feel like I should let you all know that as popular as bentos are, and there are some fantastic creators out there, I will not be a bento maker. Oh, I could make a fabulously adorable bento, but Little Nummies is here to inspire everyone, with simplicity, to play with their food.  Most people probably don’t have a wide variety of cookie cutters, a box full of cute sandwich picks, rice/egg molds, charming foodie cut outs, delightful bento boxes and all that fun jazz.  So, I have resisted the temptation to indulge in all things bento.  I would really really LOVE to, but that would be defeating the purpose of Little Nummies and what it stands for.

I will press onward and continue creating for the average person, just like me!!

~ Kellie ~


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  • At 2010.08.28 12:06, Susie said:

    I am a dummy! What are bento’s?

    • At 2010.08.28 12:11, Kellie said:

      You aren’t a dummy…you know exactly what they are, just probably didn’t know what they were called!! I have featured quite a few on my site…here are some examples:

    • At 2010.08.28 12:07, Sheila Irish said:

      Thank you for staying the way that you are! What I love best about this site is the simplicity in creating such cute and healthy snacks, without all the expense of those “cutsie” cutters, picks, etc….

      • At 2010.08.28 12:14, Kellie said:

        Thank YOU, Sheila!! Your comment helps validate, confirm, and solidify the true nature of my site!! So, YAY!!! 🙂

        • At 2010.08.28 17:49, Lorie said:

          I bet you would make the CUTEST Bentos, but your stuff is already the cutest, bentos or not!!


          • At 2010.08.28 22:32, Kellie said:

            Awe…thank you Lorie!! Aren’t you just the sweetest!! Thanks for the support!! I appreciate it immensely!!

          • At 2010.08.29 04:53, Dot said:

            There is an old saying Kellie my girl, If it works and its not broke it WHY FIX IT????? So leave the little nummies alone ( They are great)

            • At 2010.08.29 06:20, Kellie said:

              I agree wholeheartedly with that old adage. I don’t think it needs fixin either, just wanted everyone to know where I stood on the subject, for various reasons. It’s good to have a mission/purpose out front for everyone to see!! Thanks Dot for your sweet encouragement!!

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