Kids Valentine: Lovebug Sandwich

It’s February and there is love in the air.
Valentine’s Day bring out the romance and all things adorable.
Some of you my have even been bitten by the love bug.
{Probably not as cute as this one though.}


~ Sandwich ~ Fruit Leather ~ Cheese ~ Peas ~ Valentine Candy ~



To make a LOVEBUG:
Cut 2 pieces of bread into ovals.
Make any kind of sandwich you would like using the 2 ovals.
Cut pieces of crust for the antenna, legs and tail.

I buy all natural fruit leather, which is thicker than regular fruit roll ups.
{But you can use what you have.}
I used a small lid from a container of sprinkles to cut out the spots.
Small slices of string cheese for the eyes.
2 peas for the pupils.
A conversation heart for the nose.
Gummy hearts for the ends of the antenna and tail.

Eat him before he has the chance to bite you!!!


~ Bon Ap{petite} ~

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  • At 2011.02.08 13:41, Aleena said:

    how did you get the tail to curl… this is soooooooo cute!!!! i love it!!

    • At 2011.02.08 13:46, Kellie said:

      Awe..thanks!! To make the tail: I cut the width of a piece of crust in half and then rolled it up. It curled nicely!!

      • At 2011.02.09 00:16, shelly said:

        THIS IS SO CUTE! you are so creative! I love your ideas and I can’t wait to try them with my lil one! Thank you so much for posting!

        • At 2011.02.09 12:52, Kellie said:

          Thanks Shelly!!! You are just too sweet!!! You will have to make these for you lil one…in the mean time, you can make them for you!!!

        • At 2011.02.09 12:33, Rachel said:

          I’m loving you valentine food- these are great! Thanks so much for the how-to, I’ll be linking.

          • At 2011.02.09 12:56, Kellie said:

            As always, I’m honored Rachel!! I absolutely adore your website!!!

          • At 2011.02.09 20:50, pao said:

            I just found your site!Love all your ideas and have bookmarked your site.

            • At 2011.02.14 14:49, Summer said:

              cute!!! I loved the cupig on the other site as well 🙂

              • At 2011.02.17 03:20, Cakewhiz said:

                Oh how cute! I just did a posting on heart shaped love bug cookies. I never thought i could make love bug sandwiches too. Love it 🙂

                • At 2011.02.17 05:08, Kellie said:

                  Thank you for your kind words!!! LOVE your cookies…and your site too!!!

                • At 2011.02.17 03:22, Cakewhiz said:

                  And ….I just went through some of your older postings and i am officially in love with your blog. Bookmarking it 😀

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