Healthy Kids Snack: Mini {shish} Kabobs

Summer is around the corner and with it comes fresh fruit!!

Who doesn’t love fruit?

Who doesn’t love kabobs?

Who doesn’t love fruit kabobs?

Well, add a dash of salty to that mix and you have a winner!!
Not sure on the etiquette for adding a shish to kabob.
But who doesn’t love the shish in a kabob?


~ Crackers ~ Strawberry Cream Cheese ~ Pretzel Sticks ~
~ Fruit ~ Mini Marshmallows ~

Aren’t they just the shishiest kabobs ever?!?


To make Mini {shish} Kabobs:

Wash all of your fruit first.
Cut the grapes, melon, strawberries and banana into small pieces for skewering.
Use a toothpick to poke a hole into the fruit pieces to help the pretzel go through easier.
Skewer your fruit pieces, raspberries, blueberries and marshmallows onto pretzel sticks.
{Create fun patterns and mix up the colors.}
Set them aside.
Spread 1tsp of strawberry cream cheese onto 1 TownHouse Original Cracker.
Place your fruit kabob on top of cream cheese.
Repeat until desired amount is made.
Arrange on a plate and serve.

Fun to assemble and more importantly, fun to eat!!


~ Bon Ap{petite} ~

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  • At 2011.05.03 13:17, Joe White said:

    Awesome as always Kellie, love it. I did some research for you and it turns out these are more “shish” than “kabob”. Kabob refers to a word used in Persia and Turkey to describe meat cook by flame. Shish however is the Turkish word for skewer. so technically they are Mini Fruit’n’mallow Shishes. 🙂 No kabob about it.

    • At 2011.05.03 13:31, Kellie said:

      Thanks for letting me know!! I did look up shish before I posted it just to make sure. Guess I should have checked out the kabob part. Oh well. I guess “the shishiest kabobs ever” makes more sense now!!! 🙂

    • At 2011.05.09 15:35, Kate Lifecell Reviews said:

      My niece and nephew thought I was amazing thanks to you. I built a blanket tent in the yard and served these for their picnic. They thought I was the coolest Auntie around.

      Lifecell Ingredients

      • At 2011.06.26 21:41, Tammy said:

        Love this! Will be making them with my 3 year old this week.

        • […] Mini Sword Snacks – I actually used sword toothpicks that I use for the boys bentos, but if you are concerned with your children with something sharp you can use pretzels instead. […]

          • At 2012.06.07 10:46, Bridget said:

            What a cute idea! I was looking for snack ideas for my daycare as well as my daughter’s 5th birthday party and these are perfect!
            After I make these (just the kabobs) can I freeze them or put them in the fridge? If not how long would they stay good? You know with a party it’s hard to time when we will get to eat so I wanted them to stay fresh until we ate.

            (Required, will not be published)