The leaves are finally turning color here in North Carolina.
Soon we’ll be raking up the leaves and the kids will be jumping in the piles!!
Oh, how my family loves fall!

Here is a simple recipe your littles will love to play with!!

kids snack

~ Pumpkin Seeds ~ Bread ~ Cheese ~ Olive ~

Kids love playing in leaves…now it’s time to play with food!!


Once you have dug them out of the pumpkin and rinsed them of any pulp, toss them with a drizzle of olive oil, a dash of balsamic vinegar, and sea salt.  Divvy them up into separate containers.  One for each color you wish to use.  I made red, orange, yellow, and left one handful  natural.  Put them all in a single layer on a baking sheet.  Bake 325° for about 20 min or until desired crispiness.  Let cool.  Store in dry place.

To make kid:
Use a vitamin bottle to cut a small round circle out of a slice of bread for the head.  Use a straw to cut tiny circles out of white cheese for the eyes.  Cut tiny pieces of olive for the pupils.  Cut a small piece of olive for the smile.  Cut out a body shape from the same slice of bread.  Cut clothes and hair out of cheese.  Use 2 pieces of bread crust for the arms.  Crust side down. Now take a handful of colored pumpkin seeds and place at feet and then a few up at the top.

My girls LOVED this one.
They had a blast playing with all the pieces.


~ Bon Ap{petite} ~

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  • At 2011.10.20 15:05, Mindy said:

    I do a fun lunch for my kids every Friday and this one is SO stinkin’ cute!!!! I’m pinning it for inspiration. :o)

    • At 2011.10.21 09:21, chefjen said:

      Right up our alley!! This is so cute.

      • At 2012.10.15 08:12, 10.15 Lesson plans | Three Little Monkeys said:

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