Holiday Kids Snack: S’more Elf Hat

Now that it’s getting colder, my girls are all about s’mores and hot cocoa. So I came up with this festive kids snack as a way for them to have both without the sticky mess of roasting marshmallows (not to mention the dangers of everyone crowding around an open fire!) For the sheer delight of your little ones — and big ones — serve the elf hat croissants warm with a mug of hot cocoa. My hubby ate quite a few of these, too!

Holiday Kids Snack: S’more Elf Hat

Check out how to make this fun S’more Elf Hat by going to Recipe.Com

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  • At 2011.12.16 15:45, Alicia said:

    I love it! Emilee will love the recipe as is, but for Zack I could just make the croissants in the fun shapes. Thank you for the great idea!!

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