Baby Shower Food: Baby Carriages

Someone asked me to come up with a baby shower snack and then decided to change the theme on me and I had to create something else for them.  My mind was already brain storming baby shower ideas, so of course I whipped one up while the idea was still in my mind!

Baby Shower Food: Baby Carriages

 ~ Boiled Eggs ~ Baby Carrots ~

So simple.  So adorable.

LOVE how simple fun food can really be!!!!


To make Baby Carriages:

Boil eggs.  I boil them for 8 minutes and then let them cool before peeling the shells.
Once they are peeled and cooled, cut them to look like buggies.
Slice a baby carrot into rounds.
Use pieces dried spaghetti as toothpicks to stick the carrots in as wheels.
Use slices of baby carrot for the handles.

Works perfectly for a baby girl or a baby boy!!!


~ Bon Ap{petite} ~

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