Slow-Poke Kids Breakfast: Turtle Waffle

Kids love animals, and it amazes me how all three of my girls have chosen different animals as their favorites. My eldest has always loved elephants; she even collects them (no, not the real ones!). I just found out my middle daughter has chosen giraffes as her new favorite —  I’m pretty partial to them as well. At the age of three, my youngest set her heart on being a vet. Now she’s almost six, and she loves every domestic animal equally. Turtles just so happen to be one of her domestic loves — so I decided to turn her healthy whole-wheat waffle into a fun domestic turtle, complete with clementine butterflies!

Slow-Poke Kids Breakfast: Turtle Waffle

Poke on over to Recipe.Com for the instructions on how to make this turtley breakfast!!

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