The Lorax Snack

Dr. Suess is a creative genius.  What an imagination!! With his birthday this month and his new movie, The Lorax in theaters, I knew I had to whip up some Dr. Suess fun!!  I haven’t made it to the theaters yet, much to the dismay of my three girls.  They want to see The Lorax soooo badly {and I do too}!! Until we can get it together to go to the movies, this adorably fun snack/lunch will keep their appetites entertained!!

The Lorax


~ Bread ~ Cheese ~ String Cheese ~ Cucumbers ~ Mandarin Oranges ~

See the trailer for The Lorax HERE.

Have you seen the movie??
If so, what was your fave part or character??
If not, are you planning on seeing it??


To make The Lorax:

1. Cut the bread into an oval for the body.
2. Cut an oval out of a slice of cheddar/orange cheese and place on top of bread.
3. Cut the mustache and eyebrow shapes out of a slice of mozzarell/white cheese.
4. Use a large straw to cut out the eyes out of white cheese.
5. 2 black sprinkles/chocolate chips are used for the pupils.
6. Cut arms and legs out of the cheddar cheese.
7. Arrange mandarin oranges and cucumbers on the plate for the tops of the trees.
8. Cut the string cheese in half and place flat side up for the tree trunks.
9. Cut pieces of crust for the stripes on the tree trunks.
Arrange and enjoy!!!


~ Bon Ap{petite} ~

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