Simple Kids Lunch: Sleepy Kitty

We have a kitty who just turned one.  She’s so full of energy and sleeps just as hard as she plays.  I love to watch her sleep.  She sleeps on her back with her belly exposed a lot of the time.  Our old tom cat NEVER slept like that.  I guess he felt vulnerable and slept curled up and protective of himself.  He got into a lot of fights and definitely wasn’t our favorite cat.  Anywho.  A sleepy kitty is usually a cuddly kitty, which is my favorite!!!  Here’s a sleepy kitty you can make on a lazy day for your kidos.

Sleepy Kitty

~ Sandwich ~ Cheese ~ Lunch Meat ~ Frozen Pea ~

I may or may not have sang “Soft Kitty” whilst creating this sleepy kitty.
If you don’t watch Big Bang Theory, or know what I’m talking about,
Here you go:

You’re welcome!!!



To make Sleepy Kitty:
1. Cut the corners off of your bread.
2. Make any sandwich you would like.
3. Use a small cookie cutter, or a sprinkles lid, and cut 2 circles out of white cheese for the eyes.
4. Use the same device to cut out the nose out of orange cheese.
5. Using the same device, cut out a circle of lunch meat and then in half again for the eyelids.
6. Cut strips of cheese for the whiskers.
7. Use a scrap piece of crust/lunch meat for the line under his nose.
8. Fold the corner pieces together to get they to curve a bit for the ears.
9. Gently dry off a frozen pea in a paper towel and then cut in half.
10. Pull the pea pod halves out of the skin and use for eyes.
11. Arrange and enjoy.

“…happy kitty, sleepy kitty, purr purr purr.”


~ Bon Ap{petite} ~

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