Olympic Rings Cookies

The Olympic Rings are one symbol the entire world recognizes.  The world watched in awe at the opening ceremonies and held their breath as they lit the torch for the games to begin.  I don’t even know why, but I cry at every opening ceremony, every single award presentation, and every defeat.  I just love the games. Maybe it’s because the world is getting along for a short time. Anywho, here are some simple cookies anyone can whip up for snacking on while you and your family watch the Olypmics!!


~ Cookies ~ Frosting ~ M&M’s ~

Super unoriginal…but still super simple and super festive.

{{Whipped these up for a client and thought I would share.}}

Plus: Your kids will GLADLY separate the M&M’s for you!!!


To make Olympic Ring Cookies:

Generously spread vanilla frosting on your cookie of choice.
Place M&M’s on top of each cookie in ring color order:
Top: blue, black, red
Bottom: yellow, green

Set them aside to let the frosting set.
Serve and enjoy the games!!!


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