Submerged Kids Lunch: Snorkeler Sandwich

Goggles are just funny when you think about it. Take any ordinary group of kids, put them in a pool, and suddenly they’re transformed into these drippy little aliens with big googly eyes. I can hardly keep a straight face when one of them comes padding up to me, breathless, asking if I just saw their latest cannonball.

My youngest daughter learned to swim with goggles on, and it was quite the revelation when she learned she could swim without them. As for me—well, I’m not a big fan of snorkeling in large bodies of water, mostly because of what I imagine may be lurking in said bodies of water. Nevertheless, I had fun creating this adventurous sandwich! You could play eye-spy during lunch, or pretend you’re underwater and imagine what you see.

submerged kids lunch: snorkeler sandwich

Swim on over to Recipe.Com for full instructions.
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