Cute Kids Dinner: Chili Goldfish

I had a creatively productive day and, I must say, I’m on a roll for chili cheese art!!  My penguin, tiger, and now a charming goldfish!  There may or may not be another fun chili cheese animal on it’s way, via my submission to Recipe.Com!!  Yay!!  This meal will have kids puckering up and doing a cute fishy face!!

Chili Goldfish


~ Chili ~ Cheese ~

Just keep swimming…


To make Chili Goldfish:

Make your favorite chili recipe.  Use a small cup to cut out a small circle out of a slice of cheese.  Use a sharp knife to hand cut a tail, fins, and lips out of the remainder of the cheese.  You may need more than one slice of cheese depending on how large of a fish you want.  Gently cut slits into the tail and the circle for decoration and prettiness.  Use a straw to cut small circles out of white cheese for the bubbles.  I use dried spaghetti in the straw to to get the dot of cheese out.  Ladle some chili into a bowl and arrange cheese as shown. Serve warm.

Perfect for a cold night!!


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  • At 2013.01.22 10:05, Mindy said:

    Too stinkin’ cute.

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