Cute Kids Dinner: Chili Tiger

Last night, as I was waiting for my brain to shut down, so I could sleep, my brain took a delightful left turn, down creative lane and I started thinking about my Chili Penguin and all of the other fun chili/cheese art I could do!!  I so wished I had brought my sketchpad to bed to sketch out all of my ideas.  Well, that didn’t happen.  Cause we all know, I wasn’t about to get out of my warm bed, with the heat turned down to an ungodly temp and snow falling outside!!! Ummm…NO!! So, I just whispered my ideas out loud, hoping that I would remember in the morning.  Well, lucky for me, and you, I remembered a few of my ideas!!  Here’s a fun, lovable, cheesy tiger!!

wintery dinner: chili tiger

~ Chili ~ Cheese ~



To make Chili Tiger:

Make your fave chili recipe.  Use a cup to cut out a circle in a slice of cheddar cheese. Using a sharp knife, cut triangle notches out of the cheese for the stripes. Next cut out the eyes and nose.  Cut the ear shapes out of cheese remnants. Use a straw to cut out the eyes from white cheese.  I use dried spaghetti inside the straw to get the dot of cheese out of the straw.  Ladle some of the chili into a bowl.  Arrange your cheese tiger on top.  Serve warm.

Perfect for a chilly night!!


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