kitchen confessions: be weird

My 10yo: “Someone told me I was weird today.  So I told them ‘thank-you, in our family, weird is a compliment.’ And then they told me they wanted to be part of our family!!  Isn’t that awesome??”

Being weird is highly encouraged in our home.  It’s something we take pride in!!  According to my little darlings, they tell people daily, that, weird is the new awesome!!  I just LOVE it!! They indeed get it honest!! From me!! I tell my girls that I get my weirdness from my dad, which is very true, but the majority of my nonsense, stems from an irrational obnoxious craziness bond I have with my twin sister.  When we are together, nonsensical mayhem commences. It’s true.  You can ask anyone that knows us. Get us with our older sister and it’s pure insanity!!  We are a random different breed of weird.  Not everyone gets it, but we don’t care.  Well, I’ve instilled that nonsensical weirdness into my children, and I just adore it.  My hubby usually just shakes his head at us and makes some sort of “they didn’t get that from me” comment.  It’s pretty much fantastic!!  And the best part of all, the girls love it too!!  YAY!!

And like I said HERE on FB, (if you don’t follow me on FB, and want to improve your stalking skills, here’s the LINK), my usual send off to my kids, when I drop them off at school, goes a little something like this:

Me: (after praying with them) “GET OUT!!!” (Yes, I’m shouting at the top of my lungs, and yes, I get hateful stares from the teachers/kids that are there to open the car doors…it’s wonderful!!!)
My girls: “Mooooommm, why do you keep doing that?!?” (Smiles of fantastic embarrassment.)

Me: “Mkay, go be weird today.”
8yo: “Yes, we know, but don’t lose friends.”
Me: “No, lose friends, then find friends who can appreciate your kind of weird.”
10yo: (rolling her pre-pubecent eyes) “Yes, we know.  Mkay, bye.”
Me: “Havings great daytimes!!  Lovings you!!  Buh-Bye now!! I SAID BUH-BYE!!! (Or a pleasant, “Goodbye Dahlings. Have a lovely day!  Mummy loves you!!”) (All in a randomly chosen accent and I’m usually yelling this as they walk away from the car!!  It’s so delightfully weird and I get to start their day off with a smile!!)
My 6yo usually responds in some terrific way using whichever accent I choose.

Yes, I do this. Or variations of this.

Every. Single. Morning.

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  • At 2013.01.21 13:09, Donna said:

    This is just one more reason why I love and miss you!

    I LOVE being weird. (We’re weirder than you may think). I’ve always prided myself on being different…and going out of my way to do so. I was known for it. It makes life so much more fun. I really think it has prepared me for marriage and parenthood. Our beliefs, decisions and general “way of doing things” are weird to many people, but having been weird most of my life, it just doesn’t bother me. In fact, I like it.

    Oh, and my girls love it when I do accents and voices. I have a friend who, when were younger, would ask me to speak in one of my crazy accents the entire time we were shopping – usually Fran Drescher. Oh the fun.

    • At 2013.01.21 14:34, Kellie said:

      🙂 I miss you too!! And yes, being weird is WAY more fun!!! And I usually speak in some sort of random accent 80% of the time. Fran Drescher would be funny!!! I do accents without thinking, and it amazes me that when family comes over, by the end of the visit, everyone is talking in the same random accent!! It’s hilarious!!

      Bonus: today I took my 6yo to the Dr, and the lab tech, who did the blood work, was clearly from another country. My daughter mimicked her accent perfectly and answered every question she asked in that accent!! It was hard to hide my smile!!! 🙂

    • At 2013.01.21 20:06, Mindy said:

      I love this. If I wasn’t shy to a fault, I would TOTALLY scream at my kids in public with a fake accent. Total awesomeness.

      • At 2013.01.22 11:00, Kellie said:

        Well, Mindy, you should totally start using fake accents at home!!! Baby steps!!! 🙂

      • At 2013.01.25 10:00, Jennifer (older sister) said:

        That’s hilarious. I just started doing this with my kids before I had Jayden and Wesley would laugh so hard. His best friend said your mom is so mean and be just laughed. He tries to mimic me and usually I get a transformer voice back from him. Kylee just laughs.

        Yes the three of together is funny and people are always looking at us like we’re weird. Especially after years apart what else is there to do. Lol

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