Kitchen Confessions: Burned Toast

I wish I could tell you that this tale turned into a fantastic story of saving a life and creating a lasting memory, like Peeta in The Hunger Games, but alas, my life isn’t that exciting…nor, thankfully, that tragic. As a mom, we multitask and have a million things we do at once, or should be doing.  Cooking dinner, switching out the laundry because the sauce, from said dinner making, splashed all over your shirt, making tea, helping with homework, and feeding the dog are all in an hr’s time.  Well, upon running upstairs to change my shirt, for the third time that day, and starting yet another load of laundry, I came downstairs to a smoke filled oven.  Yes, I burned the garlic bread.  I should have went with my gut and not followed the instructions on the package.  450 degrees could burn a house down, much less a loaf of bread!!  I initially set it for 400 degrees, but changed it to the recommended 450, because, what the heck do I know?!?  Yeah. Good thing I made a lot of tea, because that bread was really dry!!!

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