kitchen confessions: whale of a tale

, I’m taking this opor-tuna-ty to let you know that sometimes the execution of my ideas isn’t that fintastic.  If I get fishtrated with a nummie, I have learned to walk away from it.  It’s knot rocket science and you don’t have to be a brain sturgeon to figure it trout, but sometimes it’s harder than it hooks.  I tried making a killer whale for a chili cheese art dinner, but it floundered.

Case in point:

The Killer Whale


Okay, so it isn’t too bad.

Just squidding!!

It cod use a little kelp!!


Just for the halibut, I’m letting you sea the reel deal.

The Real Killer Whale

Good Greef!!

That looks like carp!!

Sea, not working as swell. The cheese was krilling me! It kept tearing! Grrr. I was sardine to get frustrated with it, so I haddock to swim away.  I’m pretty shore that if it frustrated me, it will dolphinitely frustrate everyone!! I eely enjoy tackle-ing a new nummie, but there are times when being koi isn’t worth it and, bassically, the best thing to do, is make it take a dive in the trash. You know, for the safety of the children, due to a crabby mama!!!

The porpoise of this is to let you know that sometimes a nummie clam be a party grouper. And the nummies that actually make it on my site are shrimple enough for anyone.  Or at least shrimple enough to not bring forth shellish verbiage whale making it!  You’re welcome!!


Exscuba all the fishy puns!

This post is offishially over.

It’s a mackerel!!!!


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