Pinteresting: Baby Carriages

I just LOVE Pinterest!!  It’s electronic hoarding with out the clutter!! So far this month, my simple Baby Carriages have been pinned the most from my site!!  I thought, is it really baby season?  And then started counting how many of my own friends that are pregnant, including my older sister!!  I stopped at eleven.  So yeah, it’s baby season!!!  Hence the interest in baby shower party food!!  

baby shower food: baby carriages


Go ahead.  Put some eggs on the stove to boil!

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Baby Shower Food: Pacifier Cookies


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  • At 2015.08.27 18:24, Alisha said:

    OMGOSH that looks amazing!!! I mean, srloiusey now I see where you get all this good cooking from! I would be sending my dad out to Sunny Side Up cafe or nuking (sp?) some frozen pancakes or something and that house looks SO COOL! I want that kitchen table with the beautiful view. I do I do I do.

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