Wintery Dinner: Chili Penguin

Since it’s been raining all week, I haven’t whipped up a new Nummie. I know, I know!! But I have to take all my pics outside, and rain isn’t good for my camera…nor my foodies!!  And now that it’s fuh-reezing out, I prefer hibernating, thank you very much!!  Good news is: we are officially under a winter storm watch!!  Snow is certain, accumulation can not be determined.  Yay!!!  I’m so excited!!  We didn’t see any snow last year, so we are ready!!!  If your town is anything like mine, bread, milk, and bottled water will be absent from grocery store shelves.  Why is it only those items, every single time?  I have no idea.  Regardless, I was thinking of dinner and remembered this fun wintery dinner I whipped up last year for Recipe.Com.  Decided to bring it back, because on chilly nights, warm comfort food is a must!!  So, here’s a feel good, hit the spot, warm you up, make you feel all cozy, with a side of cute, meal:

Wintery Dinner: chili penguin


Mm-hmmm…cute enough to share twice!!!

Click HERE for full instructions!


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