cute kids dinner: giraffe chili

I made my eldest daughter’s favorite meal, which coincidently is my middle daughter’s least favorite meal. I usually only make one meal at dinner, the girls have options for breakfast and lunch, but not for dinner.  They eat what I make or they go to bed hungry. House rules.  However, that night, I had leftover chili in the fridge that needed to be eaten, and I knew G2 would prefer to have that for dinner, and since her favorite animal is a giraffe, I whipped up a cute giraffe for her as well.  The other 2 girls didn’t seem to mind.  We do special little things for each of them at most random times. Plus it teaches the girls to learn to be happy for each other…and how to handle the “not fair” jealousy that rears it’s head.  Which is a good emotion to learn to control!!  But I digress.

giraffe chili

fun food giraffe chili

~ chili ~ cheese ~

My middle squealed with delight and has now decided that
she wants a giraffe themed Birthday Party next month!!


To make Giraffe Chili:
Make your favorite chili recipe. Use a sharp knife to cut a giraffe shape out of a slice of cheddar cheese. Hand cut little spots out.  Use a sprinkles lid to cut a circle out of the cheese. Cut a small strip of orange cheese for the tail. Cut the circle in half for the ears.  Cut small strips out of white cheese for the horns. Hand cut a small section of white cheese for the snout. Cut two small strips of orange cheese for the nostrils. Use a straw to cut small circles out of the giraffe shaped cheese for the eyes.  Use the same straw to cut a small circle out of the white cheese.  Cut in half and use for eyes. Ladle some warm chili into a bowl and arrange the cheese as shown.


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