Cute kids dinner: white seal chili

A big winter storm is on it’s way to the North East and I think chili sounds like a perfect heartwarming cozy dinner.  And mentally ticking off the wintery animals I could make, I settled with a white seal.  My twin sister used to collect white seals when we were little, and by collect I mean, she had 2, but wanted more!! Ah childhood. Well, here’s a seal she can add to her collection, momentarily, because it’s edible and will become a terrific science experiment if she holds on to it. Which could be interesting!!  On that fuzzy note, whip up this adorable seal and get squeals of delight from your littles!!

White Seal Chili

~ Chili ~ White Cheese ~ 

Warm cuddly dinner.
It’s delightful.

To make White Seal Chili:

Make your favorite chili recipe.
Use a sharp knife to cut out the seal shape.
Don’t forget the whiskers!!
Use a straw to cut out tiny circles for the eyes.
Ladle some warm chili into a bowl.
Place your seal on top of the chili.
Serve warm.

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