kitchen confessions: getting kids to talk

If I ask my girls how their day was, their response is usually vague, you know, if a one word answer can be considered vague.  In my book it’s not even an answer.  I’m a woman, therefore, I need details!!!  While, “good” “okay” and “fine” are all legitimate answers to questions, they don’t fly, in my opinion, unless it’s one of my answers!! ::insertsmirk::  So, as a family, we came up with specific questions to ask at the dinner table, where they can’t run away, to ensure that we hear a tiny bit about their day, or else we get absolutely nothing.  NOTHING I SAY!!!!

We started out with:
What was your favorite part of the day?  (Recess and lunch time don’t qualify.)
What was the worst part of your day? (We don’t ask this one anymore, we want them focussing on the positive. But it’s helpful to ask, so you know if your child is getting bullied or what not.  We found out some really crazy things that were happening just by asking this question!!)

Then we added:
Tell me something we don’t know. (Which ranges from their teacher’s sister’s dog lost it’s two front teeth, to, one of their friends making up a song and then proceeding to sing…)
How were you kind today? (Teaching them to look for opportunities to be kind is essential!)
How was someone else kind today? (This is the newest one, and it’s been wonderful to hear how others are being kind.  Having them open their eyes to become more aware of their surroundings and that there is more to this world than just them, is amazing.)

Now, the key would be to ask ourselves how we were kind today.  That is, if we actually left the comfortable bubble we call our comfort zones, to give ourselves the chance to be kind and/or see someone that was being kind.


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