valentine lunch: ninja sandwich

“I get a kick out of you Valentine!”

“I am your secret valentine!”

“Hi Yah Valentine!”

“Ninja Love.”

valentine ninja

Valentine's Day Ninja

~ Bread ~ Cheese ~ Peas ~

Wait, aren’t real ninjas so awesome, they are invisible?
Does that mean I don’t have to make anything?
Just put a plate in front of them and say it’s a ninja??

Hmmm, I like it!!


To make Valentine Ninja:

Use a cup to cut out circles of bread and cheese.
Cut the mask part out of one slice of bread using a sharp knife.
Use whatever condiments you would like on the bread.
Layer bread, cheese, and mask shaped bread.
Put peas in place for the eyes.
Use remnants of the crust for the ties of the mask.
Arrange on plate and enjoy.



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