valentine’s kids snack: lovebird pancake

Valentine’s Day is upon us and even though I’ve never been a big fan of the day, I actually wore all black every v-day in college!!  Even when I was dating my hubby!! It’s true!!  However, when it comes to my kids, I really enjoy celebrating with them.  So, I whipped up a sweet snack for when my girls get home today.  When I make pancakes, I make an abundance, and keep the leftovers in the fridge.  My girls love them cold and I even pack them for their lunches.  I make flavored pancakes, so eating them plain is no big deal to them.  The ones pictured are Vegan Banana Nutmeg Pancakes.

lovebird pancake

Valentine Breakfast: Lovebird Pancake

~ Pancake ~ Mini Chocolate Chip ~ Conversations Hearts ~


You’re so tweet, Valentine!!
Happy Valentine’s Day!!


To make Lovebird Pancake:

Make your favorite pancake recipe.
Use a large heart shaped cookie cutter to cut out the large heart.
Use a smaller heart cookie cutter and cut out the middle heart out of the large heart.
Use a small remnant of the pancake under the middle heart to make it stand out.
Cut a small rounded piece of pancake for the head.
Cut out small pieces of the pancake for the feathers on the head.
Gently press a pink conversation heart into the pancake for the beak.
Stack two heart candies and put in place for each foot.
Use mini chocolate chips for the bird’s eyes.
Arrange on plate and enjoy!!



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