Vegan Recipe: Hearty Vegetable Soup

vegetable soup

Vegetable Soup

1 yellow onion (diced)
3 cloves of garlic (minced)
2 or 3 ribs of celery (Hubby hates it, so I chop it super fine so he can’t see it!)
3 or 4 carrots (sliced)
2 zucchinis (bite size)
1 yellow squash (bite size)
4 or 5 smallish yellow (or red) potatoes (peeled and cut bite size)
several dashes of worcestershire sauce
some garlic powder
some onion powder
some sea salt
some black pepper
some cumin

Sautée onion in olive oil until almost translucent. Add garlic. Once garlic is soft, add all the veggies, except the potatoes. Add water to generously cover the veggies. Add spices to taste. Bring to boil. Turn down the heat and let simmer for however long you wish. The longer you let it simmer, the better flavor it has. Keep adding spices until it has the right flavor you want. About an hr before serving, add the potatoes. You want them softened, not mushy! Once potatoes are soft, serve hot!!

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