finding nemo lunch: anglerfish sandwich

The anglerfish lives in depths of the sea where there isn’t light.  They are quite alarming and have quite a few interesting facts, including: Only the females have the protruding dorsal spine, which is the piece coming out of their head.  The “light” at the end of the dorsal spine, brings bait close enough for the female to eat it. Their mouths are so big, they can eat prey twice their size!!  Craziness!!  If you want to know more, you can find out HERE.  The anglerfish has been more popularly known by it’s debut in the movie, Finding Nemo.  One of my favorite scenes from Finding Nemo is the one where Dory and Marlin meet the deep sea Anglerfish. It’s fantastic and definitely one of the many quotable moments in the movie!!

“I see a light.  I want to touch it.  I’m gonna get you.  I’m gonna swim with you. I’m gonna be your best friend….”
“Oh, good feeling’s gone.”

This is a fish no one would want to come face to face with, especially if you are a tiny clown fish!  Well, here’s a fun, lovable, and delicious way to bring one of our favorite characters to life.  This simple lunch is sure to be a hit with your little ones!!


angler fish sandwich finding nemo

It looks scary!!  And my kids LOVED it!!!  If you haven’t seen Finding Nemo, you must put it on your list of must see movies!!  It’s one of our favorites! 

When Dory and Marlin finally escape:
“Yeah!  We did it!!”
“No eating here tonight.  No, no, no, eating here tonight.”
“You’re on a diet.”


To make Angler Fish:

Make a sandwich.
Use a cup/glass to cut a circle out of the sandwich.
Use sandwich remnants for the tail and fins.
Use the same cup to cut a circle out of white cheese.
Cut a large triangle out of the circle for the mouth.
Gently slice into the white cheese, alternating sides, for the teeth.
Use a large piece of crust for the dorsal spine.
Peel a clementine, and use half for the light.

Arrange and enjoy!


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