kitchen confessions: missing socks

missing sock solution
Laundry is never ending.  The gathering, the sorting, the washing, the rewashing(s), the drying, the drying again to get wrinkles out, the folding, the hunting for missing socks, the putting away….it’s so dreary and mundane.  It’s a constant chore and I honestly have zero patience for matching my girls’ socks, much less hunt down every single missing sock!!  Where do they go anyway??  A while ago, I decided that I wouldn’t be bothered by searching for missing socks anymore and came up with a solution, or at least it works for us. Now, mind you, I can be a bit OCD and a recovering perfectionist when it comes to a lot of things in my home, but I’ve learned to let go when it comes to their socks!!

After I fold the laundry, I gather up their clean socks and put them all in, what we brilliantly and creatively named, The Sock Bag.  When the girls need socks, they just reach in and grab whatever they want.  My girls usually wear mismatched socks anyway, so this solution works beautifully for us!!

A neighbor recently told me that she found a few random socks at her house and thought they belonged to my girls.  She asked if I was missing any socks.  Ummm…I have NO idea!! I proceeded to tell her my sock method and she looked at me like I was crazy!! But I love her, so it’s all good.  Plus, I don’t care, and I don’t even feel guilty about it.  And no, I don’t buy just boring solid colors either…as shown in the picture above. So, my girls make quite the lovely fashion statement, with a neon zebra print sock on one foot, and a pastel floral sock on the other.  Yep.  Be weird.  And I noticed in Target, that you can actually buy mismatched socks now!!  My girls have been in style without knowing it!!  Such trendsetters!!

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